[ECOS] Re: HELP - remove me from this list please !

Bart Veer bartv@cygnus.co.uk
Mon Oct 18 05:35:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "MikeF" == Michael Fugere <mafugere@sover.net> writes:

    MikeF> All attempts to unsubscribe via Majordomo appear to be
    MikeF> ignored or not handled properly. Can someone please remove
    MikeF> me from the ECOS lists and/or give me another method to try
    MikeF> ? The usual "unsubscribe * <username> thing isn't working
    MikeF> at all...

The sourceware.cygnus.com mailing lists are managed by ezmlm-idx, not
by majordomo. If you visit
http://sourceware.cygnus.com/ecos/intouch.html you can subscribe or
unsubscribe from the mailing lists there. For complicated cases, there
is a mailing list FAQ at
If you are still unsuccessful please email ecos-maintainers@cygnus.com

Bart Veer // eCos net maintainer

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