[ECOS] hal/i386/pc prerelease.

Nick Garnett nickg@cygnus.co.uk
Fri Oct 15 03:30:00 GMT 1999

Jesper Skov <jskov@cygnus.co.uk> writes:

> The vectors.S should contain mostly platform neutral code. When
> there's a need for platform specific stuff, it should be handled via
> macros/calls defined by platform files.
> The current i386 HAL is a bit out of shape in this regard. The ARM HAL
> is a better example of how things should be handled for multiple
> platforms.

Even better, look at the MIPS HAL. This is the way all future HALs
will be built, with architecture, variant and platform sub-HALs with
well-defined ways for them to pass information to each other and
override things.

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