[ECOS] Re: TCP/IP Stack for eCos.

Bart Veer bartv@cygnus.co.uk
Mon Oct 4 09:34:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Prakash" == Prakash R <rprakash@cdotb.ernet.in> writes:

    Prakash> We plan to port BSD-4.4lite's TCP/IP stack on eCos.
    Prakash> Currently we are trying to get the eCos to run on our
    Prakash> MPC860 based board. Once we are through with that we
    Prakash> would be porting TCP/IP stack on eCos. I request the
    Prakash> people interested to get in touch, so that we can share
    Prakash> our expertise/experience.

A port of a free TCP/IP stack to eCos is something that Cygnus would
very much like to see, but so far we have not had the time to work on
this ourselves. However we can provide some assistance. Several
members of the eCos team have prior experience with the BSD stacks and
can provide advise on integrating them with eCos. We can also provide
facilities on sourceware.cygnus.com, for example ftp space, to
make collaboration easier.

Bart Veer // eCos net maintainer

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