[ECOS] Re: eCos 1.1 - I need source for Cygmon for Port to new TX39 board.

Bart Veer bartv@cygnus.co.uk
Wed Jan 27 10:55:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Charles" == Charles Hulcher <chulcher@clark.net> writes:

    Charles> I owuld like to port eCos to a different board than the
    Charles> one currently supported. I have found binaries of Cygmon,
    Charles> but no source that would allow me to port it to the new
    Charles> board. I'm assuming that I need Cygmon to use GDB one.

    Charles> Is the source for Cygmon on the JMR board available so I
    Charles> can modify it for my target? If not, where should I start
    Charles> to get Cygmon source?

Just to let you know, this message has not been forgotten. However
cygmon was developed by a different group within Cygnus. A query has
been sent off asking what plans, if any, there are for making it more
widely available but I have not yet received a reply. Once I have more
information I'll let people know.

Bart Veer // eCos net maintainer

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