[ECOS] Problem using ocd target option gdb supplied in ecos sw tools

Zubin Burjor Sethna sethnaz@sg.adisys.com.au
Mon Jan 18 14:31:00 GMT 1999

My apologies I should have mentioned that I was using a Linux (Redhat5.0)
system. I emailed Criag yesterday and he said he was working on Linux
drivers so hopefully your next release of gdb would have linux wiggler

Zubin Sethna
Embedded Software Engineer
ADI Limited, Systems Group
North Ryde NSW Australia

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> Subject:	Re: [ECOS] Problem using ocd target option gdb supplied in
> ecos sw tools
>    From: Zubin Burjor Sethna <sethnaz@sg.adisys.com.au>
>    Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999 15:31:21 +1100
>    I am having problems using a 'wiggler' with the gdb supplied with the
> ecos
>    software tools. As soon as I type in gdb:
>    > target ocd wiggler lp0
>    I get a segmentation fault & core dump.
> I'm guessing from the reference to "lp0" that you're trying to run
> this on a Unix host (your report doesn't actually say so).  The
> Macraigor wiggler needs a DLL from Macraigor to drive it, and this DLL
> has so far only been ported to Windows.  (We've talked to Craig about
> doing a Linux port, but no action so far.)
> It is, however a GDB bug to crash rather than to report the failure as
> such, and we'll look into that.
> 							Stan Shebs
> 							Cygnus Solutions
> 							shebs@cygnus.com

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