[ECOS] gdb vs. eCos?

Jesper Skov jskov@cygnus.co.uk
Mon Feb 22 03:06:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Zubin" == Zubin Burjor Sethna <sethnaz@sg.adisys.com.au> writes:

Zubin> 	[Zubin Burjor Sethna] Is it possible to resume normal
Zubin> execution after GDB has stopped at a breakpoint in an interrupt
Zubin> handler, on the actual target (not the simulator)? I've read
Zubin> that you cannot execute the RFI (Return From Interrupt) after
Zubin> breaking in an interrupt handler.

If the breakpoint is set at a place where it doesn't trash any CPU
state, it should be possible. 

If you set the breakpoint in code that is storing/restoring CPU state
it will fail, but if you set a breakpoint "in the middle" of an
interrupt handler it should be OK.


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