[ECOS] gdb vs. eCos?

Zubin Burjor Sethna sethnaz@sg.adisys.com.au
Sun Feb 21 17:55:00 GMT 1999

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> Also, using a simulator for debugging the interrupt handlers can be a
> great help since it doesn't trash so much state as the gdb stub does
> (that is, debugging in a SIM is truly transparent for the program
> being run -- at least I haven't had any problems).
> I've stepped my way through the PowerPC interrupt handler more than
> once using GDB (although I prefer the SIM way -- it's faster).
> Jesper
	[Zubin Burjor Sethna]  Is it possible to resume normal execution
after GDB has stopped at a breakpoint in an interrupt handler, on the actual
target (not the simulator)? I've read that you cannot execute the RFI
(Return From Interrupt) after breaking in an interrupt handler.


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