[ECOS] gdb vs. eCos?

Jesper Skov jskov@cygnus.co.uk
Wed Feb 17 03:21:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Stan" == Stan Shebs <shebs@cygnus.com> writes:
Stan> We haven't done anything about interrupt handler debugging.  My
Stan> understanding is that eCos might need some additional tweaking
Stan> for that.  (True eCos'ers jump in here please.)  GDB doesn't
Stan> really care - if the OS hands it a valid state, it will try to
Stan> make sense of it, whether it's in the main code or in an
Stan> interrupt handler.

If the trap exception vector is different from the interrupt vector
you want to debug, it can be done if you are careful; i.e., set your
breakpoint after the pre-exception state has been saved.

Also, using a simulator for debugging the interrupt handlers can be a
great help since it doesn't trash so much state as the gdb stub does
(that is, debugging in a SIM is truly transparent for the program
being run -- at least I haven't had any problems).

I've stepped my way through the PowerPC interrupt handler more than
once using GDB (although I prefer the SIM way -- it's faster).


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