[ECOS] Re: Motorola MBX860 board support, drivers

Bart Veer bartv@cygnus.co.uk
Sun Feb 14 12:09:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Norton <pnorton@ccnusa.com> writes:

    Paul> Has anyone announced any plans to port eCos to the Motorola
    Paul> MBX860 platform? We have several of these boards in our
    Paul> embedded systems lab running VxWorks and would like the
    Paul> option of using eCos instead.

In the last week I have received an offer from somebody who plans to
look into such a port. If you are interested in helping out, let me
know and I can put the two of you in touch.

    Paul> Also, it appears the Motorola 860 port has no serial driver,
    Paul> nor an ethernet driver, and eCos itself has no IP stack as
    Paul> of yet. Are these in development?

eCos device driver support is still very limited, unfortunately. The
Cogent HAL package does contain some basic serial I/O facilities,
mainly for diagnostics and debugging purposes.

There has been one third party port of a TCP/IP stack to eCos. This
was done by EBS Inc, http://www.etcbin.com , and it is not an open
source product. I am sure that ports of other stacks will follow, but
I do not have any more details yet.

Bart Veer // eCos net maintainer

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