[ECOS] Network Support

David J. Fiddes D.J@fiddes.surfaid.org
Fri Feb 12 19:57:00 GMT 1999


> I had a quick look, it seems the development tools are ADA based
> and you can
> only access the on-line docs if you are a support customer. Doesn't sound
> very open to me. Have I missed something?

Yep. 'fraid so. RTEMS has a C *AND* ADA API. The majority of developers go
the C/C++ route. I'm hoping to get a GNU Pascal binding running at some
point this year.

The docs should be available in the free support section...and are available
in a variety of formats for download... at least I had no problems ;)

The licence is GPL with a single exception that by including the OS header
files you do not automatically place your app under the GPL. Many RTEMS
developers(pretty much 100% volunteers) are regular contributers to binutils
and EGCS just like the Cygnus guys( although not as numerous ;)... how much
more open do you want?


> > RTEMS (the first(?) Open Source RTOS ;) has a decent TCP/IP stack... and
> > has
> > a *LOT* of MPC860 people using it. I don't think that anyone
> has released
> > a
> > BSP for a generic MPC860 board but I'm sure that getting one together is
> > not
> > that tough.
> > As far as RTOSs go RTEMS is somewhere between eCos and a larger
> RTOS like
> > vxworks for features. Have a look at http://www.oarcorp.com/
> for details.

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