[ECOS] Motorola DSP563xx Port

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Tue Feb 9 18:49:00 GMT 1999

     I think that many DSP programmers now use 'C' for the most part and 
     then optimise a few key loops in assembler.
     Also, the use of a RTOS in DSP application is fairly new for a lot of 
     programmers. Sometimes the DSP app is so simple it might be seen to 
     not warrant the complications of an OS.

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Subject: [ECOS] Motorola DSP563xx Port
Author:  Rick Leir <rleir@hymarc.com> at INTERNET_MAIL
Date:    2/9/99 3:23 PM

Here is a plaintive
'Is anyone doing a port to mumbleproc' plea.
What obstacles are in my way with the DSP563xx? 
1/ Lack of an egcc port?
2/ No interest becos real DSP programmers use ASM? 
3/ Waiting for support from Motorola?
I think this is a nifty little screamer and would like to 
help put together a decent set of tools.
cheers -- Rick
Rick Leir,  Hymarc 3D Vision Systems      (613) 727 1584 x214 
Fast, precise laser scanners.             http://www.hymarc.com/

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