[ECOS] eCos v1.2.1 for ARM on Windows 95

Trevor Kilgore trevork33@hotmail.com
Thu Aug 19 19:27:00 GMT 1999

Sorry for the false alarm.  I was able to install and use eCos 1.2.1 (ARM 
Edition) fine on another Japanese Windows 95 machine.  However, the other 
machine is a laptop and I have no network card for it.  Thus, I really need 
to get eCos up and running on my other machine.  As I mentioned before, 
everything works fine except for the configuration tool.  It crashes 
whenever I try to open it up.  I have re-installed eCos about 12 times now, 
while double checking everything in Win95, without any success.  Does 
anybody have any idea what the problem might be?  All other software so far 
has installed and works fine.



>We have not encountered problems in running eCos 1.2.1 under English
>language versions of Windows 95. However, users should note that only
>minimal testing of the Configuration Tool has been undertaken on host
>platforms other than Windows NT 4.0.
>John Dallaway

I am having trouble using eCos 1.2.1 for ARM on my Windows 95 machine.  
Every time I try to access the eCos Configuration tool the program
crashes.  I get the Application Terminated message.  Actually I think that 
is what it says, it is on a Japanese Windows which might be another issue.

This same CD installed fine on my Windows 98 machine(also Japanese),  Could 
it be that eCos 1.2.1 for ARM will install alright on 98 and NT
not 95 while eCos 1.2.1 (for all other targets) will work relatively alright 
on all 3 32-bit Windows systems?

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