[ECOS] ECOS: compiler builds.

Brendan Simon brendan@dgs.monash.edu.au
Tue Aug 17 17:14:00 GMT 1999

I am contemplating using eCos on an embedded product using the MPC860
processor.  It has three processor boards.  1 board requires TCP/IP and
SNMP as well as PCMCIA support.  I don't think eCos can support these at
the moment (please correct me if I am wrong) so I was thought I'd use
Linux for that one.  The other two boards have minimal peripherals
(RS232 and HDLC).  This would be ideal for eCos.

I was reading the document and it says to download the ecos software
tools and to compile them.  I already have built an egcs-1.1.2
cross-compiler that targets powerpc-eabi.  Can I use this.  I don't see
any reasons why not.  Extra libraries and startup code for board support
packages can be placed in appropriate directories.  Please advise on
whether I MUST use the eCos compilers (gcc variants I assume).

I'd like to use Insight as my debugger.  I am in the process of building
this for a powerpc-eabi target and can see no reasons why this should
not work.  Any comments ?

Brendan Simon.

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