[ECOS] eCos ported to StrongARM?

Jay Lepreau lepreau@cs.utah.edu
Fri Aug 6 03:30:00 GMT 1999


> I'm going to start working on a project that will use an SA-1100
> processsor. I was considering possible (free) OSes and wanted to know if
> a port of eCos existed that runs on the StrongARM processor family.

Since I haven't seen any answers, I'll chime in with
another free OS possibility.  The Univ of Utah's
OSKit has largely complementary goals to eCos but they overlap.

We just started porting the OSKit to the StrongARM.
It can already run some of our example kernels,
like the memory-based filesystem one.  So it's proceeding
pretty fast.  I don't right now have an ETA for complete
support but we can probably generate that if you need.

Take a look at http://www.cs.utah.edu/flux/oskit/
and do mail us (oskit@cs.utah.edu) if you have questions
or would like to get involved.  We can give you early and
ongoing snapshots (like now, I think, but it might not
be very useful).

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