[ECOS] Bug in eCos tools linker.

Ian Lance Taylor ian@airs.com
Sat Dec 26 20:56:00 GMT 1998

   From: Sergei Organov <osv@javad.ru>
   Date: 25 Dec 1998 14:50:31 +0300

   I found bug in the 'ld' provided in the eCos tools distribution
   (in 'bfd' actually). The follwing command causes Segmentation fault
   (file rtems.o is attached):

   $ ppc-rtems-ld -r rtems.o -o test.rel

   The patch attached fixes the problem (at least for me).

   The problem is that 'bfd_get_section_by_name(dynobj, ...)' is called
   with zero 'dynobj', I believe.

Thanks for the note.  The eCos bfd/ld/gas/binutils are a snapshot of
the GNU binutils.  If you are not a Cygnus support customer, the best
address for a bug report may be bug-gnu-utils@gnu.org.  That is the
address to use when reporting any bug in the GNU binutils.  It is a
mailing list read by many people, so please avoid sending huge test
cases to it.

The particular bug you mention has been fixed in the GNU binutils
development sources, and the fix will be in the next GNU binutils
release, whenever that is.


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