[ECOS] Re: Source for HW eval boards for use with eCos

Bart Veer bartv@cygnus.co.uk
Fri Dec 11 06:51:00 GMT 1998

>>>>> "Stuart" == Stuart Adams <sja@brightstareng.com> writes:

    Stuart> Where can I get the eval boards currently supported by
    Stuart> eCos ??? e.g. the Matsushita MN10300 stdeval1 evaluation
    Stuart> board or the Toshiba TX39 jmr3904 evaluation board

    Stuart> (Cogent is on the web but a bit pricey for what I want).

I have now received the following information from Matsushita:

>Matsushita MN10300 board is not sold outside of Japan.  In Japan the
>manufacturer is and contact person are:
>Syoichi Yamamoto
>Kyoto Micro Computer Co, LTD.
>2-27, Hachijokaoka, Nagaokakyo
>Kyoto, Japan
>Tel: +81-75-953-0963
>FAX: +81-75-953-0935
>e-mail: yama@kmckk.co.jp

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