[ECOS] Gnu load

Brenda Spaur brenda@fieldhand.com
Fri Dec 4 12:03:00 GMT 1998

I'm just getting started porting ECOS to a board based on the MPC850.  I
downloaded the ECOS software tools and am trying to run a test
showing that I can build S-records from a simple program and download and 
run the program on the board.  My simple test program sets a
status register and returns, and in assembly looks like:

        .globl _start
        .align 2

        li 3,10

My first attempt to link produced the following S-records:


This produced an error and from the SBC manufacturer I received
infromation that the start address should be 10000 as opposed
to the 1800000 given in the S-records I produced.  So I created a simple
linker script to set the start address.  Now objdump shows that I
have the correct start address but the S-records look like:


The S2 and S804 records are not recognized by my ROM download which
is looking for the S3 and S705 records.  I'd bet that there are still
some linker options that I need to provide but so far I haven't determined
what the problem is.  Any idea what is causing this problem?

Many thanks in advance,
Brenda Spaur

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