[PATCH 2/2] Test script modifications to use llvm-dwarfdump when compiler is clang

E, Nagajyothi Nagajyothi.E@amd.com
Sun May 16 11:35:47 GMT 2021

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This testsuite patch may be used while running
	 make check CC="clang -gdwarf-5" CXX="clang++ -gdwarf-5"
to avoid test failures due to readelf.

This checks if $CC/$CXX is clang/clang++ and uses llvm-dwarfdump in place of readelf in the test scripts. This is needed as readelf produces errors/warnings with clang-generated DWARF5 sections/forms, causing many test failures. The latest llvm-dwarfdump (27 April, 2021) is to be used, which has a fix in printing headers of DW_UT_partial type.


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Hi Nagajyothi,

On Wed, 2021-02-17 at 05:53 +0000, E, Nagajyothi via Dwz wrote:
> I am working on adding support for the dwarf5 .debug_str_offsets, 
> .debug_addr sections and the related forms DW_FORM_strx[1234], DW_FORM_addrx[1234].
> Please let me know if anyone has already started work on these.

Thanks, I don't believe anybody is working on this right now.

There is already a bug for .debug_addr/DW_FORM_addrx[1234] support:
I think this shouldn't be too hard. Any DIE that references an address cannot be moved to an alt file, so simply mark it with die_no_multifile. We do try to optimize DW_AT_low/high_pc attribute pairs, so double check that doesn't interfere with DW_FORM_addrx[1234] processing.

Also note that there are two new location operations DW_OP_addrx and DW_OP_constx that can reference the .debug_addr section index.

As a followup you could try optimizing things, but then you need to keep track of all the addresses used and see if there are duplicates that could be turned into a (smaller) DW_FORM_addrx[1234] index. But I would keep that separate from the initial implementation.

For .debug_str_offset/DW_FORM_strx[1234] I opened a new bug.

This is a little trickier than DW_FORM_addrx[1234] since such DIEs using DW_FORM_strx may be moved to a multifile. You also probably want to make them equal to DW_FORM_strp entries pointing (indirectly) to the same string.

You might want to add a note to the the bugs that you are working on them.


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