Setup.exe suggestions

Christian Franke
Thu Feb 29 07:21:45 GMT 2024


Lavrentiev, Anton wrote
> ...
> For new installations, it'd be great to have the most suitable (in most cases, the most
> recent) version shown as the first selection in all those pulldown version lists in
> the "New" columns.  The logical order would be "the preferred (latest) version",
> "the version previous to that" ... "test version(s)", and then all the actions like
> "Uninstall"(grayed out), "Skip" (checked) etc coming last, so that one doesn't have to
> hover different distances when selecting the packages.

Doubleclick in "New" column toggles between "Skip" or "Keep" and the 
"preferred version". Ctrl+I selects the latter.and moves to the next row.

> ...
> For existing installations, in the "Unneeded" view it'd be best to have the packages'
> "New" dispositions as "Uninstall" rather than "Keep", which they presently have showing
> by default.

Changing a view should never change the current package selection.

>    So that one does not have to go through (sometimes quite many) packages in
> that view to mark them all.

Press and hold Ctrl+U to select "Uninstall" for all. Then change to 
another view and back to "Unneeded" to see more possible unneeded packages.

>    If someone wants to retain some, it's easier to change
> those few back to "Keep".

Ctrl+K = "Keep", Ctrl+R = "Reinstall".


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