LXDE rears its ugly head :-)

sciguy sciguy@vex.net
Sat Feb 24 23:31:20 GMT 2024


I am using Cygwin-X on Windows 10. It is a version from around 2020 or 
so. The window managers (I have a few that I have installed) seem to 
work, but it appears that LXDE likes to cover the toolbars and menubars, 
especially when GNOME is supposed to be running. Even if I "log off" of 
LXDE (which doesn't have any effect on GNOME), the LXDE toolbar, after a 
few minutes, covers the native GNOME toolbar.

In fact, the GNOME toolbar can be exposed, but like a game of 
peek-a-boo, the LXDE toolbar reappears when my mouse moves close to it. 
It also shows up under KDE (which doesn't seem to have a working 
toolbar). If I run fluxbox, there is no LXDE running.

Is there supposed to be a reason why a LXDE toolbar has to appear in a 
non-LXDE window manager? Is there somewhere where I can turn off this 
setting (assuming that's all there is).



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