Another possible python3.9 regression, mercurial spins but never wins?

Henry S. Thompson
Thu Feb 15 16:50:23 GMT 2024

After recent update to 3.9.18-2 I couldn't pull, running on Windows
10, latest cygwin1.dll.  Reverting to 3.9.16-1 the problem goes away.

  >: hg --debug pull
pulling from
sending capabilities command certificate matched fingerprint [redacted]
query 1; heads
sending batch command
searching for changes
all local changesets known remotely
sending getbundle command
bundle2-input-bundle: with-transaction
bundle2-input-part: "changegroup" (params: 1 mandatory 1 advisory) supported
adding changesets
add changeset f3ab63e5c39f
[stuck, hard to kill, manager shows 10--20% CPU]

Server python/mercurial installation hasn't changed.

Server logs show no errors, finishing with a getbundle request that
has completed successfully.

Is this related to other already-signalled problems?

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