Creating a desktop shortcut to Cygwin emacs

Ken Brown
Thu Feb 22 21:53:04 GMT 2024

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On 2/22/2024 4:23 PM, David Karr wrote:
> Ok. I forgot I had to add that package.
> However, now there's another odd problem. The command line still doesn't 
> start anything, but it does print an error message, saying that it can't 
> find "/usr/local/bin/emacs.xml".  I can copy that file from the old 
> laptop, but is that file supposed to be generated by something?

It's not generated automatically.  There's a script 
/usr/bin/make-emacs-shortcut that you can run to create it.  See 
/usr/share/doc/emacs/README.Cygwin for details.  Or just copy it from 
your old computer.


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