binutils >= 2.41 makes .rsrc section read-only

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Feb 20 10:15:16 GMT 2024

On Feb 19 21:41, Jeremy Drake via Cygwin wrote:
> This is probably the right thing to do, but breaks building msys2-runtime
> (read: cygwin) 3.3, because the _cygheap_start symbol is actually in the
> .rsrc section and code very early attempts to memset _cygheap_start.
> Couple of questions:
> 1) is there actually a good reason that _cygheap_start is in the .rsrc and
> not the .cygheap section?

As you know we got rid of this way to define the cygheap, but
_cygheap_start was just defined this way so it's the address marking
the start address of the cygheap.

It was just the way it was.  It's probably just as well to move

  _SYM (_cygheap_start) = .;

to the begining of the .cygheap section.  Did you try?


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