pip install ocassionally hangs

Marco Atzeri marco.atzeri@gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 09:09:25 GMT 2024

On 30/01/2024 14:21, Marco Atzeri wrote:
> On 30/01/2024 12:50, Daniel Abrahamsson via Cygwin wrote:
>> Marco Atzeri wrote:
>>> what if you downgrade to 3.9.16 ?
>> Thank you. Yes, downgrading solves the problem. The issue is probably 
>> the same as the one reported in "python3 3.9.18-1 hanging".
>> As I was testing this, I noticed a peculiar thing with the Cygwin 
>> Setup. I have a script that sets up my Cygwin environment. That 
>> scripts calls the installer with a list of packages. When I pin the 
>> python version using "python39=3.9.16-1,python39-devel=3.9.16-1", the 
>> installer downgrades to 3.9.16-1. But if I run the installer again 
>> with the same options, it updates to python 3.9.18-1.
>> Regards,
>> Daniel
> I reset 3.9.18-1 as test, but the propagation will need some time to
> be recognized by the Cygwin server and to passed to the mirrors
> After that Setup should stop to propose upgrade to 3.9.18

Hi Daniel,

I have not forgot the issue, I can replicate the issue and
running as

$ PYTHONUNBUFFERED=1 PYTHONVERBOSE=1 pip3 install --force 

it goes a bit further, but at the end stop again

It seems some type of race on 3.9.18 (both -1 and -2, so irrelevant on 
my simple patch trial)

I will see if 3.9.17 has the same issue and after that bisecting until I 
find the upstream change that has problem on Cygwin.

Thanks again for the test case


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