Running setup-x86_64.exe from cmd does nothing but works from cygwin itself

Jon Turney
Tue Feb 13 16:06:55 GMT 2024

On 12/02/2024 21:37, matthew patton via Cygwin wrote:
>> If you really suspect some AV problems, it may help to try the>
>> uncompressed setup executable, available from [1]
> Huh, when did this start? Nobody pays by BW anymore so what was the

Firstly, do not send me personal email.

I think we started providing setup as a UPX compressed executable in 
2002 or 2003.  In any case, long before my involvement.

Certainly there's an argument for *not* doing it these days, although 
your assertion that "nobody pays for BW" seems likely to be based on 
your personal perspective, rather than a survey of Cygwin users globally.

I've recently started providing the uncompressed executable *in addition 
to* the compressed one (because people occasionally have problems where 
their AV won't let them run *any* UPX compressed program).

> rationale behind a "self altering" executable? No wonder it would
> experience havoc in an A/V environment since the extracted temp file
> may well be located on a non-executable location and or EXEC would
> have been shimmed by AV and it doesn't correctly return control from
> an ephemeral location.

You're making assumptions here about how the decompression stub works, 
which I don't think are accurate for UPX.

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