cygport 0.36.8-1

Christian Franke
Tue Feb 13 13:02:09 GMT 2024

Jon Turney via Cygwin wrote:
> On 12/02/2024 16:49, ASSI via Cygwin wrote:
>> Christian Franke via Cygwin writes:
>>> This requires that always the same build directory is used.
>> Would that be solvable by using -ffile-prefix-map or is there more to
>> it?
> That should now be used in 0.36.8, so something else leaking the local 
> build directory into the package, perhaps

A closer look shows that (only) the pathnames of the assembly (*.S) 
files in cygwin1.dll.dbg now contain the build path instead of the 
mapped path:

$ strings cygwin1.dll.dbg | grep '^/.*bcopy\.S$' | uniq

The paths in the released package are correct:

$ strings /usr/lib/debug/usr/bin/cygwin1.dll.dbg | grep '^/.*bcopy\.S$' 
| uniq

The regression was introduced by cygport commit 9e82685 in conjunction 
with the fact that --file-prefix-map has no effect on *.S files:


$ cygcheck -f /bin/as

$ cygcheck -f /bin/gcc

$ pwd

$ echo ret > a.S

$ echo > c.c

$ gcc -c -g --file-prefix-map=/tmp/build=/foo/bar a.S c.c

$ strings -f *.o | grep ': /' | uniq
a.o: /tmp/build
c.o: /foo/bar

$ gcc -c -g --debug-prefix-map=/tmp/build=/foo/bar a.S c.c

$ strings -f *.o | grep ': /' | uniq
a.o: /foo/bar
c.o: /foo/bar

Also gcc builtin specs show that --file-prefix-map is not handled for asm:

$ gcc -dumpspecs | fgrep -A1 '*asm_debug:'
%{fdebug-prefix-map=*:--debug-prefix-map %*}


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