Suggestion: [setup] Add an option to allow user to add "Open Cygwin Terminal Here" to Right-click menu

Norton Allen
Sat Feb 10 15:09:23 GMT 2024

On 2/10/2024 10:03 AM, Norton Allen via Cygwin wrote:
> On 2/10/2024 7:07 AM, Lee via Cygwin wrote:
>>> Note: I hope this change would work on Windows 11 right-click menu. 
>>> (Because I don't like "Show more options" or Shift + Right-click)
>> I'm still on Windows 10; I have no idea what does/doesn't work on 
>> Windows 11
> chere gets the option onto the "Show more options" list. I agree that 
> is less helpful than it was in Win10. If anyone knows how to get 
> something to stay on the primary context menu, that would be great.
The Internet answers:

    reg add
    /ve /d "" /f

As found here:

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