cygsshd fails due to bad ownership or modes of /cygdrive/c/Users

matthew patton
Wed Feb 7 19:01:33 GMT 2024

> The problem seems to be that OpenSSH does not even arrive at checking the home diretory> or the .ssh directory. It starts checking every directory in the path and fails already at "/cygdrive/c/Users"
I don't think we can win an argument with Theo over how misguided and unnecessary meddling the OpenSSH code is being. Ownership that diverges from 0 (or 2, or 18) should be a mere WARNING, not an ERROR until validity checks get to the user's actual $HOME and/or  the authorized_keys directory+file. 
/home in cygwin is just [OS drive]/cygwin64/home so that doesn't fix anything. I personally set the Cygwin FSTAB to
C:/Users /home  none    binary  0 0
Unfortunately I think we need an #IFDEF on safe_path() to force it back into it's lane.Anyone want to tangle with Theo?

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