Aren't Windows System Error popups meant to be disabled in Cygwin?

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Feb 1 10:01:40 GMT 2024

On Feb  1 08:22, David Allsopp via Cygwin wrote:
> > x86_64-w64-mingw32-gcc produces a Windows program, why Cygwin should
> > be involved in the execution ?
> I perhaps should have made that crystal clear - in running "./test",
> I'm invoking that excecutable _from_ a Cygwin program (in this case
> mintty / bash / sh), so Cygwin is very much involved - it's the
> caller.
> In the actual problem which hit this, I have a non-Cygwin executable
> which has called SetErrorMode(SEM_FAILCRITICALERRORS). If that program
> calls test, there is no popup displayed. However, it also calls
> Cygwin's sh and _that_ executes that program too, so something like
> "C:\cygwin64\bin\sh -c "./test.exe | sed ..." but then the popup error
> message appears. So somewhere along the line, Cygwin appears to be
> resetting the system error mode, and that appears contrary to previous
> (old) messages on the subject.

The behaviour changed in 2020;a=commitdiff;h=21ec498d7f912

not without a discussion


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