cygwin does not run quietly if --quiet-mode given on commandline

Thomas Schweikle
Thu Mar 30 14:23:24 GMT 2023


starting cygwin setup-x86_64.exe with parameters:

setup-x86_64.exe ^
   --verbose ^
   --delete-orphans ^
   --local-package-dir "C:\WINDOWS\ccmcache\4r\installdata" ^
   --no-desktop ^
   --proxy "<proxy-host:proxy-port>" ^
   --root "C:\cygwin" ^
   --upgrade-also ^
   --quiet-mode ^

It does not matter if "--quiet-mode" is given or not: in all cases 
cygwin setup opens a window showing setup progress and the real bad 
thing: allows the user on whom desktop the window is shown to stop the 

I need a really unattended upgrade with some log written what setup had 

And is it a bug? As far as I could find "--quiet-mode" means no window, 
no messages at all - am I wrong and all those interpreting it the same way?

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