Setup: How to automate source download for packages already installed?

Bill Stewart
Tue Mar 28 16:55:13 GMT 2023

On Mon, Mar 27, 2023 at 2:55 PM Jon Turney wrote:

Sorry, based on the previous discussion at [1] this seems to be broken
> at the moment, due to '-x' being broken.
> [1]
> If you really need this, please try old setup versions from [2].  If you
> discover which version it got broken in, and/or work out how to fix it,
> please let us know.
> [2]

Completed testing. The last version where:

--include-source --local-package-dir "path" -x "package[,...]" -P

...worked was 2.918. It does not work in 2.919 and later.


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