Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Fri Mar 24 15:09:38 GMT 2023

On 3/24/2023 10:50 AM, Lester Ingber via Cygwin wrote:
> I think my attachments stopped this email, so I'm sending this without
> them:
> My install seems to fail with:
>   texlive-collection-context.sh exit code 127

ConTeXt is completely broken on Cygwin (but will be fixed shortly).  See


and the follow-up to it that I just sent a few minutes ago.

If you're actually a ConTeXt user, then I suggest you rename 
/etc/postinstall/texlive-collection-context.sh to 
/etc/postinstall/texlive-collection-context.sh.done so that you won't be 
bothered by the error message while you wait for me to upload the fixed 
version.  If you're not a context user, then you can just uninstall 


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