ConTeXt no longer available on Cygwin

Ken Brown
Wed Mar 22 16:56:49 GMT 2023

As I mentioned in the announcement of TeX Live 2023, there has been a 
major change in ConTeXt; see

Briefly, ConTeXt development has been moved out of TeX Live into a 
separate project.  Unfortunately, the maintainer of that project decided 
to remove Cygwin support, so I cannot easily provide a context binary. 
One Cygwin user of ConTeXt complained upstream, to no avail.

At some point I will probably remove the texlive-collection-context 
package, which is now useless.  But I am waiting to see how other 
distros are going to deal with this change.

If you will be greatly inconvenienced by the absence of a context 
binary, please let me know by replying to this message.  There may or 
may not be anything I can do about it.


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