mirror corruption, or non-backward compatible library change?

L A Walsh cygwin@tlinx.org
Tue Mar 21 16:13:33 GMT 2023

Connected to kernel.org as I normally do, but got this:

Internal Error: gcrypt library error 1 unsupported pk alg.
Then another popup:
Mirror Error: Setup.ini signature
http://mirrors.kernel.org/sourceware/cygwin/x86_64/setup.bz2.sig from
http://mirrors.kernel.org/sourceware/cygwin/ failed to verify.
Possible corrupt mirror?  Setup.ini rejected.

It looks like I'm getting this popup with each package I have

Any idea what might be wrong?  Really a corrupt mirror?
Or did I miss a gcrypt library update that supports new
signatures, but that I can't get because the update that provides
this is signed with the new algorithm?



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