deprecate pytz? or update pytz to 2022g/2022.7.1

Brian Inglis
Tue Mar 7 21:18:05 GMT 2023

On 2022-03-20 10:00, Brian Inglis wrote:
> On 2021-12-21 09:06, Marco Atzeri via Cygwin-announce wrote:
>> Several python packages have been added to the Cygwin distribution
>> and at the same time the updated packages for 3.6/3./3.8
>> have been uploaded.
>> python39-pytz                           2021.3-1

> Suggesting that pytz should be deprecated and eventually dropped.
> There is a lot of discussion on the IANA TZ mailing list about support of the 
> IANA TZ DB (tzdata) in languages other than C, and there has been discussion of 
> the official python standard library module support of tzdata, and the problems 
> of correctly using pytz:
> requiring close reading and following of its limitations:
> together with it being superceded by official support of IANA TZ DB with a 
> standard library compiled zoneinfo module built on the datetime module:
> backported to 3.6+ as the backports.zoneinfo module:

Update needed to 2022g/2022.7.1 as a new Mexican zone was added since 
2021c/2021.3 due to Mexican changes conflicting with US practices, affecting 
border towns:

"The 2022g release of the tz code and data is available.

  This release contains the following changes:

	The northern edge of Chihuahua changes to US timekeeping.

       Changes to future timestamps

	In the Mexican state of Chihuahua, the border strip near the US
	will change to agree with nearby US locations on 2022-11-30.
	The strip's western part, represented by Ciudad Juárez, switches
	from -06 all year to -07/-06 with US DST rules, like El Paso, TX.
	The eastern part, represented by Ojinaga, will observe US DST next
	year, like Presidio, TX.  (Thanks to Heitor David Pinto.)
	A new Zone America/Ciudad_Juarez splits from America/Ojinaga."

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