[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: setup (2.925)

Norton Allen allen@huarp.harvard.edu
Sun Mar 5 16:37:28 GMT 2023

On 3/5/2023 9:00 AM, Jon Turney via Cygwin wrote:
> - Various fixes around "All Users/"Just For Me" (thanks to Christian 
> Franke for investigating these problems):
> -- Fix a long-standing bug (since 2012), where installed files are 
> owned by the user's primary group, rather than the Adminstrators 
> group, when installing for "All Users".
> -- We no longer change group back to the user's primary group while 
> running postinstall scripts, when installing for "All Users". This was 
> only for the benefit of mkgroup/mkpasswd being run by the postinstall 
> script, which we don't do any more.
> -- Fix "Just For Me" being ignored, when run with Admininstrator 
> privileges
> -- Fix "All Users" being selectable but basically ineffectual, when 
> not run with Admininstrator privileges

Cool! I've just been dealing with multi-user installations for the first 
time in a serious way and encountered some of these issues. Nice to have 
a fix without even asking!

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