cygwin gdb: issue with non-posix style absolute paths

Holger Machens
Sat Mar 4 16:49:38 GMT 2023

Hello there,

when starting gdb (v10 or higher) with a windows absolute path to an 
executable, it runs into issues with paths in several cases, reporting 
the following error:

BFD: reopening /cygdrive/x/project/bin/X:\project\bin\simple.test.exe: 
No such file or directory

It looks like it does not recognize the windows path as beeing absolute 
and adds the posix-style absolute path to the current working directory 
as prefix. When using a posix-style absolute path to the executable 
instead, everything works normally.


This is especially an issue for developers using Eclipse CDT as reported 
Apparently there was the same issue 13 years ago, but must have been 
fixed in the meantime and reappeared now:

I guess this commit might be a possible source of the issue on CDT side:


CDT developers did state, that this is a bug in GDB, as you can read here:

Consequently, the "bug" was also reported to gdb:

I'm not sure, if this is the correct conclusion. Does gdb actually 
support windows? In other words - does cygwin apply patches or flags to 
gdb to get it to work with cygwin and windows paths?

Thanks in advance
  - homac

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