Cygwin Mirror

Jon Turney
Wed Mar 1 12:41:15 GMT 2023

On 01/03/2023 06:53, Emmanuel Marquez via Cygwin wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam,
> I hope this email finds you well. Our organization is currently hosting a
> Cygwin distribution, and we would like to request to be added to the mirror
> list for  Cygwin.
> Kindly provide us with the necessary steps and requirements to subscribe to
> the mirror list. We look forward to contributing to the  Cygwin community
> and providing efficient services to its users.

Instructions are located at [1]


However, it appears that your mirrors:

are already registered in our mirrors database, but are not listed in 
the current mirror list because they appear to be out of date (See [2] 
for reasons)

Please let us know if you think that is in error.  Otherwise, your 
mirror should automatically appear in the list once it is up to date.


> Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.

Thanks for hosting a Cygwin mirror.

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