Setup not working

Backwoods BC
Tue Feb 28 23:02:41 GMT 2023

On Tue, Feb 28, 2023 at 2:10 PM Backwoods BC
<> wrote:
> I suspect that even using a less than optimum ZIP process will still
> be size-competitive with the self-extracting version because of not
> having to include the overhead of the self-extractor.

I had a little too much faith in ZIP, but 7zip is a winner. I
downloaded UPX and used to extract the latest version of setup. Here
are the file sizes following re-compression with 7-zip for the
original setup and the re-compressed .7z and .zip outputs:

1,381,395 setup-x86_64.exe - 100%
1,319,604 setup-x86_64.7z -  96%
1,795,036 - 130%

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