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Eliot Moss moss@cs.umass.edu
Fri Feb 24 03:11:37 GMT 2023

On 2/24/2023 2:07 PM, chrstfer via Cygwin wrote:
> Moss,
> Have you made any major changes to your cygwin X server settings? I tried this with a fresh install of the cygwin Xserver suite, first thing i did, but was unable to get it to work.
> I assume you are using Docker Desktop? Do you have it integrated with WSL?
> Thanks for the quick reply! This will be my last for the night. Don't want to flood.

I was not referring to Docker at all.

My XWin.0.log contains this:

XWin :0 -multiwindow -clipboard -wgl -ac -unixkill -listen tcp -clipboard -resize -engine 1 
-emulate3buttons 100 -dpi 144

HTH - Eliot

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