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chrstfer chrstfer@protonmail.com
Fri Feb 24 02:51:39 GMT 2023

Hi all,

First mail, so while I'm fairly sure it's on topic please forgive me if it isn't.

Has anyone tried to get a docker container with an X app in it to connect to the cygwin x server?

When I run startxwin after starting the wslg container the cygwin Xserver comes in at address (word?) :1 rather than :0, so the two servers can recognize each other (at least to some degree). I can run a cygwin X app in a cygwin console and get an X window, and I can run a wslg app in a wsl bash instance and get an X window, each on their respective servers. But when I set the env DISPLAY in one to the X of the other, it breaks.

This isn't just a stupid ask for a redundant use-case, either. The cygwin X server is vastly superior to the wslg one, at least insofar as integration with the windows 10 chrome; cygwin X windows no matter the library will snap like a regular windows window will. Anything coming out of wslg, at least when it comes to gtk3 (emacs-git) and QT4 (qutebrowser), have no native window decorations and don't snap. I've also been unable to find a way to run a docker container as a single X root window (ie to run a DE inside of a container) but I bet if I could connect to the cygwin X server that'd be fairly straightforward.

I'll be the first to admit I don't know too much about X so is what I'm asking even possible? (I do mainly use linux, but normally X is one of those things that i dont fiddle with much)

UItimately/mostly I'm just fed up of being stuck in Windows windowland at work and not having emacs-git*. At least thats how i landed on this topic, but it seems to me being able to run a docker container and have it hook into a cygwin X server that's already running would be a good feature generally. Especially if it would enable me to disable WSL again.

(*As an aside: while I have gotten it to compile, and it runs in the console, so many tests break that I'm afraid to even try compiling it for gtk3; so a docker container of debian stable seemed a logical next step and i half-expected it to just work, to be honest, given how seamless the rest of my cygwin experience has been recently, and I would put money on these two issues being on docker/docker-desktop/wsl, given how poor wslg's integration is despite being a microsoft project)

Chris B

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