Changing the python sqlite3 version to the latest

Marco Atzeri
Thu Feb 16 18:40:37 GMT 2023

On 16.02.2023 15:25, Jose Isaias Cabrera via Cygwin wrote:
> On February 16, 2023 1:15 AM, Andrey Repin expressed:
>>>> Don't forget to rebase the resulting binary(-es).
>>> How do I do that?
>> rebase -s /path/to/binary ...
>> The -n switch may be necessary as well.
> jcabrera@JIC ~
> $ rebase -s -n /usr/bin/sqlite3.exe

rebase is for DLL so use


depending where you installed

> Nothing different, apparently, has taken place. But, I will take your word for it. :-) Thanks.

you could see a difference in base address before and after the
   "rebase -s .."

$ rebase -i /usr/bin/cygsqlite3-0.dll
/usr/bin/cygsqlite3-0.dll                 base 0x0003b7370000 size 


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