man -H should work by default on Cygwin

Schwarz, Konrad
Fri Feb 10 20:50:19 GMT 2023


the man(1) program (together with groff) can generate HTML
via the -H switch, e.g., man -H ls.

The environment variable BROWSER names the default HTML
browser man will use to display this page, lynx(1) if unset.
Recent versions of man(1) now wait longer before deleting
the rendered HTML file, allowing slower browsers to work
as well. 

As of CYGWIN_NT-10.0-1942, setting BROWSER to cygstart
works for me: my default browser, Chrome, creates
a new tab page with the man page.

I think this would be a worthwhile addition to
/etc/skel/.bashrc (and so on), for example:

case $(uname) in
(CYGWIN_NT-*) export BROWSER=cygstart


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