Setup reinstall incomplete script does nothing

Jon Turney
Mon Feb 6 14:50:46 GMT 2023

On 02/02/2023 22:42, Brian Inglis via Cygwin wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Using previously posted reinstall incomplete packages script as a number 
> of my packages are now flagged Incomplete.
> The script now seems to do nothing to any package as setup comes up with 
> a blank list of packages.
> Also tried a number of variations including shell script invocations, 
> and adding options.
> Are there any missing or identical package conditions, options required, 
> cmd, shell script, or setup program arg limits that might affect a 
> remove/install?
> The package list used for ...\setup-X86_64 -x ... -P ... is:
> alacarte,antiword,bash,cron,ctags,dbus,debianutils,e2fsprogs,email,f22-backgrounds-extras,fbpanel,flaw,GeoIP-database,getent,gnu-free-fonts,gnupg,htmldoc,icon-naming-utils,initscripts,libcaca-devel,libcrypt-devel,liberation-fonts,libiconv-devel,libnspr-devel,libnss-devel,libopts-devel,libpng-devel,libpng16-devel,libproj12,mksh,perl_manpages,poppler,postfix,postfix-tools,procmail,python27,recode,sendmail,statgrab,sysvinit,tcp_wrappers,usbredir,usbutils,vim-clang-format,wodim,xml2po,zsh

Frowny face.

Yes, it looks like we've broken that.  In fact, it seems like -x doesn't 
work anymore.

If you could bisect old versions of setup [1] and tell us when it broke, 
that would be very helpful.


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