setup 2.925 release candidate - please test

Jon Turney
Thu Feb 2 14:00:52 GMT 2023

A new setup release candidate is available at: (64 bit version)    (32 bit version)

Please test, and report any problems here.

This is not the place for setup feature requests.

Changes compared to 2.924:

- Show a deprecation warning for Windows 6.1 and 6.2

Show a warning if we're running on a Windows version for which support 
was deprecated in Cygwin 3.4, i.e:

Windows 6.1 (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008R2)
Windows 6.2 (Windows 8, Windows Server 2012).

- Ignore attempts to select the reinstall action, if the installed 
version is not accessible (e.g. reinstall is run from local directory 
but the package is no longer cached) (thanks to Christian Franke)

- Add an '(x86_64)' suffix to start menu folders names when installing 
x86_64 Cygwin on some other architecture (e.g ARM64).

- Various fixes around "All Users/"Just For Me" (thanks to Christian 
Franke for investigating these problems):

-- Fix a long-standing bug (since 2012), where installed files are owned 
by the user's primary group, rather than the Adminstrators group, when 
installing for "All Users".
-- We no longer change group back to the user's primary group while 
running postinstall scripts, when installing for "All Users". This was 
only for the benefit of mkgroup/mkpasswd being run by the postinstall 
script, which we don't do any more.
-- Fix "Just For Me" being ignored, when run with Admininstrator privileges
-- Fix "All Users" being selectable but basically ineffectual, when not 
run with Admininstrator privileges

- Fix a bug in handling (documented, but as yet unused) 'Source:' lines 
in setup.ini.

- Add an experimental zn_CN GUI translation, contributed via weblate by 
Xiang Heng Wei

- Various internal fixes to Unicode handling in GUI to support that.

For instructions on obtaining and building the source code for setup, 

Please send bug reports, as usual, to the public mailing list cygwin AT 
cygwin DOT com.

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