mintty window border?

Sam Edge
Fri Aug 25 07:33:23 GMT 2023

On 25/08/2023 08:18, Backwoods BC via Cygwin wrote:

 > On Thu, Aug 24, 2023 at 10:54 PM Gary Johnson via Cygwin
 > <> wrote:
 >> On 2023-08-25, Thomas Wolff via Cygwin wrote:
 >>> Am 25.08.2023 um 02:41 schrieb Gary Johnson via Cygwin:
 >>>> On 2023-08-24, Backwoods BC via Cygwin wrote:
 >>>>> On Thu, Aug 24, 2023 at 11:08 AM Jim Garrison via Cygwin
 >>>>> <> wrote:
 >>>>>> This is an update to a question I had a couple of years ago
 >>>>>> Windows 11 now has an "accent color" option under
 >>>>>> Settings/Personalization/Colors that adds a thin (1px?) border
 >>>>>> all windows, in a user-selectable color.  This definitively
 >>>>>> the problem seen with overlapping mintty windows that have a
dark grey
 >>>>>> or black background (where the shadow isn't visible).
 >>>>>> Just FYI
 >>>>>> --
 >>>>>> Jim Garrison
 >>>>> This is also true for Windows 10, although I may have had to
 >>>>> explicitly enable it (I don't remember).
 >>>> It's in the same place on Windows 10.  I just enabled it.  Thank
you both!
 >>> But it adds the thin border only to the foreground window...
 >>> Thomas
 >> Yes, it's not as good as having a border around all windows all the
 >> time, or around just mintty and gvim windows, but it is so much
 >> better than nothing at all, or so it seems so far.
 >> Regards,
 >> Gary
 > I get borders around both active and inactive windows, but then I've
 > spent hours (probably days) messing with registry values in an attempt
 > to gain the kind of UI control that was built into XP. I don't know
 > which change I made that gave me borders, but it is possible.
 > Any combination of these changes may have done it -- or none of them
 > (I changed a lot of things):
 > [snip]

In Windows 10, I've managed to get inactive window title bars white with
a dark
accent and active dark with a white accent colour around without
resorting to
registry hacking. I'm using a solid black background, 'Light' colour setting
and auto-selected accent colour in Preferences. I've also enabled the accent
colour on title bars and window borders checkbox. I still have problems with
non-compliant "I'll draw it myself" apps that don't use the stock
furniture but
it works for mintty at least.

I'm baffled as to why a UI designer would introduce a feature that makes it
difficult if not impossible to see the edges of windows in the first
place but
that's Microsoft all over. :-S

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