Test for Windows Administrator permissions from Cygwin terminal|script?

Bill Stewart bstewart@iname.com
Thu Aug 24 14:52:39 GMT 2023

On Thu, Aug 24, 2023 at 7:01 AM Andrew Schulman wrote:

> How can I find out whether the current Cygwin terminal has
> > Administrator rights? I want to safeguard our admin scripts with a
> > simple test and bail out with an error if someone wants to do admin
> > stuff (say: regtool) without admin privileges.
> https://superuser.com/questions/660191/how-to-check-if-cygwin-mintty-bash-is-run-as-administrator/874615#874615

This answer may be misleading. For example, when I log on using an account
that's a member of Administrators, my account is a member of the group, but
the Administrators group token is not enabled. For example, if I log on as
a member of the Administrators group and open a PowerShell window, I can
run the following, and it will output the local Administrators group (there
will be no output if the account is not a member of Administrators):

PS C:\> whoami /groups /fo csv | ConvertFrom-Csv | Where-Object { $_.SID
-eq "S-1-5-32-544" }

That is, while it is true that the process is a member of the
Administrators group, the group isn't enabled, so the process isn't
actually running with administrative permissions. In Windows-speak we would
say the process isn't "elevated" ("elevated" = "running with administrative
permissions"). In other words, logging on as a member of Administrators
doesn't mean that processes you start are elevated.

IME, what is normally being asked for is whether the current process is
elevated (i.e., the group is both present and enabled). The usual Windows
API way to check this is the CheckTokenMembership() function:


In that reference: "The CheckTokenMembership function simplifies the
process of determining whether a SID is both present and enabled in an
access token."

As an example, I wrote a little Windows program called 'elevate' that has a
'-t' option to test whether the current process is elevated:


Hope this helps clarify.


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