lulatex problems after update of zlib

Jon Turney
Tue Aug 22 21:14:46 GMT 2023

On 22/08/2023 17:55, ASSI via Cygwin wrote:
> Ken Brown via Cygwin writes:
>> On 8/21/2023 11:02 AM, ASSI via Cygwin wrote:
>>> (although in this case maybe i got spooked by the change
>>> from 1.2.x to 1.3)
>> It looks like that's exactly what happened.  The version check
>> compares the first 4 characters of the version string.
> Almost exactly the same problem happened 13 years ago or so.  Instead of
> heeding the comment right in the file that only the first character of
> the version string should be examined (or else compare ZLIB_VERNUM),
> they chose to shorten the comparison from 5 to 4 characters…

I've been made aware of what seems to be a similar problem in cmake's 
"find_package(ZLIB)", see:

I think that means we need a cmake update with a fix for that...

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