How to use X-Server on VM with multiple client displays?

Stone, Timothy M
Tue Aug 22 17:41:50 GMT 2023


I hope I'm using the right list!

I have an X application that uses the cygwin X Server XWin.  It works fine on Windows:

  *   When I launch the application, XWin launches, then the X app raises it's window.

When I install this application (and cygwin and XWin) on a virtual machine, I have a DISPLAY issue:

  *   If I log into the virtual machine from <machine1>, I can launch and run the app just fine.
  *   However, if I then try to log into the virtual machine from another computer and launch the app...the app launches on the first machine's I have 2 copies of it running on that display now.
  *   Typically, I'd set DISPLAY=<machine1>:0.0 for the first machine, and DISPLAY=<machine2>:0.0 for the second machine
     *   The problem is, the virtual machine is the only machine here, it only has 1 IP address
     *   I don't know how to set multiple DISPLAY when using the same virtual machine with the same IP address from 2 different machines.
     *   I have tried setting the DISPLAY to the IP addresses of the client machines, this does not work (unable to open display).
  *   I have also tried setting DISPLAY=localhost:0.0 for one machine and DISPLAY=localhost:0.1 for the other machine...this also does not work
     *   XWin is unable to open display localhost:0.1

Any help greatly appreciated!

I'm sure it must be possible to launch the X app on the virtual machine from different clients and have the display on their respective displays?  I just can't see how to set the display.


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