Virus Total scan

Thomas Schweikle
Tue Aug 22 14:59:57 GMT 2023

It is the address of one of the distribution servers. Since this is not 
"one server", but a cluster of servers, your "suspicious" server shows 
only one thing: those "suspicious" flags are suspicious by themselves:

this particular server ist down since some time and only reports back a 
broken html page telling "<h2>Our services aren't available right 
now</h2><p>We're working to restore all services as soon as possible. 
Please check back 

If this is enough to get flagged as "suspicious" ...

Am Di., 22.Aug..2023 um 16:12:51 schrieb Dom Woods - BGS via Cygwin:
> Hi Cygwin,
> I scanned your application through Virus Total as per our company policy and noticed that the installation process calls out to a suspicious Microsoft IP, this ip has been flagged by 8 vendors as malicious, I get varying responses for what it is used for (an os updater or a file distributer) and wanted to ask what does Cygwin use it for? I can't seem to contact it with nslookup or ping it and Virus Total says that it gives a 'status 400' results so it might not be in use anymore anyway but just wanted to check.
> Here is your Virus Total graph results:
> Here is the scan of the IP address' results:
> Kind regards,
> Dom woods
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